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Meet the Boroughbridge Team

Our dedicated and hard working team of staff ensure that every school day is packed with fantastic, fun learning opportunities.

Class                 Teacher           

Miss Penny


Miss Wade

Year 1

Miss Rowe

Year 2

Mrs Ryan

Year 3 / 4

Miss Frampton

Year 4 / 5

Miss Bethell

Year 6

Mrs Hodgson


Headteacher: Miss Gail Lee

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs Emma Ryan

Key Stage 2 Lead: Mrs Sarah Hodgson

EYFS Teaching Assistants: Mrs Lapthorne, Mrs Sinclair

Key Stage 1 Teaching Assistants: Mrs Caciagli, Mrs Ward, Mrs King

Key Stage 2 Teaching Assistants: Mrs Sykes, Mrs Ekin, Miss Veloza

MSA: Mrs Sykes, Mrs Ekin, Miss Veloza,  Mrs King, Mrs Caciagli, Mrs Ward

Office Staff: Mrs Gittens - Admin Assistant

Breakfast Club: Mrs Ekin, Mrs Caciagli

School Caretaker: Mrs Sue Scott