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Our School Vision

The vision for our school is to create a safe, nurturing environment which enables each child to attain greatness and a lifelong love of learning. We will encourage all our children to reach their maximum potential, independently through inclusion and first hand discovery learning.

We believe we are all individuals with different views, needs and aspirations; therefore all areas of the curriculum should be valued.

Children learn best when they are happy and following their own interests, therefore we will ensure that they are given the opportunity to share the planning of our creative curriculum.

We recognise that teamwork between staff, parents and children, working together with respect has the greatest impact on our children’s learning.

We believe everyone has a place in the life of the school and our school is the heart of the community. We can make a real difference to every child in our school.

To view our school vision presentation please click here.

Our School Mission

The Mission of Boroughbridge Primary School and Nursery directly reflects the school's Vision Statement. It seeks to:  

  • provide a dedicated team that puts the children first, is passionate about learning and engaging our pupils in a creative and personalised way and support them to reach their full potential; 

  • provide enthusiastic staff who are themselves open to learning and who are given extensive training opportunities for continuing professional development;  

  • provide a safe, nurturing environment where our children can thrive; 

  • promote close working relationships with our children, families and our community by putting communication and positive relationships high on our list of priorities; 

  • educate the whole child by providing a wide variety of opportunities and supporting each individual by developing unique talentsthrough every stage of their learning journey .

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