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Our School Vision

On the evening of 16th September 2014, representatives of the pupils, parents, teachers, governors and the community worked together to create a vision for our school. We began by working as individuals, thinking about the aims or dreams we had for our school, and then went on to think about the values and beliefs which should provide the foundation for our vision. We tried to think about everyone involved in our school, and what they would all want. Once we had done this individually we shared our ideas, and then had to decide which ones we agreed upon. We had to think hard about this so that the final document was something which reflected everyone’s views. This vision is the result of this exercise.   It is important that we can all agree on the kind of Primary School & Nursery we want in Boroughbridge. This document reminds us all what we are aiming for every day in our school.

To view our school vision please click here.