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At Boroughbridge Primary School we follow the National curriculum for English. Our key aim is to ensure that all pupils become clear, confident communicators in both their spoken and written word. We teach speaking and listening skills from the very first day in our reception class and constantly build on these important skills as they develop throughout Key Stage 1 and 2.

A key focus in Key Stage 1 is delivering high quality phonics work, which provides children with a firm foundation for spelling, reading and writing. In addition to phonics, we also teach children to read which start with book skills, following the printed word as it is read to them, following text and 'voice/pint matching', learning phonics and applying these skill to reading new words, seeing clues in pictures and reading ahead to try unknown words. The children continue to develop these skills to become fluent, enthusiastic readers who respond thoughtfully and well to the wide variety of books they read. Children are also actively encouraged to research topics and read for information as well as pleasure. We are very proud of our library and our extensive guided reading books for KS1 and KS2.

Click here to read our full phonics and reading strategy.


Writing is taught in a variety of phases, using speaking and listening, drama and reading to capture the imagination! From our reception class, children will be encouraged to write a variety of genres and build on this as they continue to develop their writing skills throughout Key Stage 1 and 2. They will use a wide variety of writing experiences to become fluent, confident writers who understand and use a variety of writing forms. Spelling strategies and grammar are taught alongside reading and writing and children are encouraged to apply this in their independent writing.